A Wordpress and YourMembership Integration for you!

Associations that use YourMembership are extremely happy about the features the platform provides except for the built in website generator. It is cumbersome to update, challenging to modify and takes more resources then they have. From that point of frustration many associations have turned to WordPress to provide a website customers can engage with.

This is where Kinect.YM comes in! What if you changed something on YourMembership? Took those exact changes, copy and pasted them into a WordPress website? Now imagine that amount of time multiplied by the number of events and products you have. The effort, plus increased risk of error is time you cannot afford to lose. More importantly how do you look to your customers? That is why I created Kinect.YM.

Kinect.YM removes the labor intensive process of copying and pasting event/product info from YourMembership and automatically display it on a WordPress website! Kinect.YM is the easy way to make your WordPress website a true extension of YourMembership with the flexibility and design associations need!

Kinect.YM is a plugin installed on WordPress and displays YourMembership Events, Products & Membership.

No additional software is needed!

Version 1.3 includes:

    • Events
      • Events Tags (Event Type)
    • Products
      • Primary Category (Product Type)
    • Membership
      • Membership Category
    • Groups
      • Groups Category
  • Improved Documentation
  • Support & FAQ

Do not have a WordPress website or thought it was too much work to manage? The City Mix team specializes in creating unique WordPress websites and secure hosting. Contact us to build you a sandbox, implement Kinect.YM and take the website for a test drive!

*** discounts available if you design and host on The City Mix

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