How do I activate Kinect.YM?

  • Find your API credentials within YourMembership.
  • Open up wordpress, navigate to the Kinect.YM menu item and use the license key provided to activate the sync system.
  • You will notice three fields to enter in your API credentials.
  • Save
  • Press the Import button.

If you still have challenges, submit a ticket at

How much does Kinect.YM cost?

Kinect.YM costs $140 per month if hosted offsite. If we (The City Mix) built and hosted your website, the price of the plugin would be significantly reduced. Please contact us at to find out more.

What if I want to cancel Kinect.YM?

Submit a request using the support form at Your account will be closed and you will be billed for 1 more month to tie up lose ends.

Do you share my information?

No, we do not share your information or use your information without your expressed written consent.

Does Kinect.YM need any special software to be installed on YourMembership?

No, that is the beauty of Kinect.YM. The plugin operates fully within WordPress and uses the YourMembership native API architecture.

Does Kinect work with any other platforms?

Not right now, but we do have plans to create an integration for netFORUM down the road. It will be called Kinect.NF. If you would like this plugin sooner, please contact us to have a discussion.