Your AMS

What is KinectSoftware.com?

KinectSoftware.com is the home of a suite of WordPress plugins that connects to popular Association Management Systems to display vital, consumer engaging data within a user friendly, easy to manage, YOUR BRAND extending WordPress website.

What does it mean to you?

KinectSoftware.com provides high quality plugins that reduce time and effort which allow you to focus on growing your organization the right way! No longer will you have to copy from one system and paste it into WordPress or pay outrageous amounts of money for a custom built website.

Our plugins make it happen at a fraction of the cost and manpower needed to manage. =) You will not be tied into long term contracts.

About WordPress

Over 60% market share of active websites on the web today are built using WordPress, as mentioned in IsITWP.com. WordPress is the most visually appealing, mobile friendly and easy to manage content management system (CMS) out there in the market! It is a tool simple enough for anyone to master and at a pricepoint that any size Association can afford!

We Support You
Every Step Of The Way!

Ease of Installation

With a dedicated staff person managing the installation of Kinect Plugins, you never have to worry about doing it right.

Support Included

Our plugins come with full support. Our trained staff fix your issue or include it in the roadmap! We listen!

Upgrades Included

After installation and configuration, we work with your schedule to upgrade your website. Minimal impact.

Your goals/Our Drive

We have had to shift priorities and we appreciate our early supporters for sticking with us. Stay tuned!


Extending YourMembership

Associations that use YourMembership are extremely happy about the rich feature set the platform provides except for the built-in website generator.

The website generator is counterintuitive to design in, painful to update, and time consuming to manage. This is time that association professionals do not have!

With that level of frustration, many associations have turned to WordPress to provide a website customers can engage with and the organizations can be proud to showcase.

This is where Kinect.YM comes in! The team at The City Mix, leading industry web designers, created Kinect.YM to provide you a solution. What if you changed something on YourMembership? Took those exact changes, copy and pasted them into a WordPress website? Take that amount of time and multiply it by the number of events, groups and products you have to update. Pretty daunting isn’t it? What if that process was automatic? Wouldn’t you want to find out more?

Kinect.YM removes the labor intensive process of copying and pasting event/product/membership/groups data from YourMembership and automatically displays it on a WordPress website!

Kinect.YM is the easy way to make your WordPress website act as a true extension of YourMembership with the flexibility and user-friendly design associations need!


New In Version 1.3 = [Short Codes]

As WordPress has evolved in complexity, many WordPress developers have built Web Builder plugins to increase the speed of website and page development. The new version of KinectSoftware.com website was built using a Web Builder plugin called Elementor. The leader in WordPress Web Development. With the shift in WordPress development, we have had to pivot and modify our roadmap. This version is going to feature shortcodes. Going forward, shortcodes are going to play a prominent role in future versions of Kinect.YM.


A true NetFORUM and WordPress Integration will be developed utilizing the same ground breaking methodology used to develop Kinect.YM.

Next on our list of innovative plugins, we are ready to tackle the NetForum extenstion and integration into WordPress! Stay Tuned!